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Monday, August 3, 2009

Botol-botol apakah ini??

Salam ...

First of all ..

Dearest Abang YTC, thanks a million for sacrificing 10 minutes of your ZzzZ time to help me transfer these pictures from my hp to my lappy ...
Anyone familiar with the items featured in these pictures??

Hehehehe ...

These are the tools needed for my research ...
Both are urine containers ...
I took the pics to guide my research subjects as to how to correctly collect a 24 hour urine sample and spot sample so that they can easily follow the instructions and not make any blunders thereby lowering my rejection
rate, hehehe...
FYI, collecting a 24 hour urine is not an easy feat, ok ...
It is tedious, cumbersome and requires certain skills and of course, PATIENCE.
Hanya insan yang pernah dipaksarela buat je yang tahu betapa SEKSAnya wat ujian ni.
Truth be told, actually i'm doing a last minute editing of my patient booklet to be shown to Prof A this pm ... Hahahahaha

Suka betul buat keja last minit la aku nih ... Ish Ish Ish Ish Ish ...

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P/s - Any pregnant ladies interested in joining this study, DO give me a buzz ya ... Hehehe

2 Pendapat:

  • Mommy Lyna

    i guna botol tutup kuning tu buat simpan talipusat budak2 ni hehehe

    ops, yg belum guna lagi hihi

  • DNNA

    Mommy lyna ...

    wah, kreatif tu ..talipusat anakanda2 saya, saya just balut2 dengan tisu .. hahaha

    Hehehe ... botol kuning tu kan, asal nak buat urine pregnancy test jer mesti cilok eh amik satu dari lab ... hehehe ..

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